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WHAAAT for artists

Submit your songs and get extra budget from fans and investors for your production, music video, marketing activities or touring.


Get promoted and reach the next level

Get valuable financial support for productions, marketing, videos or touring and take your career to the next level.

Involve your fans and increase your success

Involve your fans and let them be part of your success. You will notice how your fans are working hard to make your songs successful. Earn new fans.

Stand out! Show that you are innovative and creative

Take the show in your own hand and connect with fans and investors. This will create new stories and content for a successful career.


You can submit a song bundle to WHAAAT as an author, a label-manager or publisher’s representative. Submissions of all genres (except classical music) are allowed and welcome. Songs can be submitted to WHAAAT before and after release.

The WHAAAT jury is continuously listening to the submissions. Please give us some time to give you feedback on your submission.

The decision-making principle of the jury is based on fairness towards all parties involved. This means that the jury evaluates the earn-back opportunity of the funding sum within the contract period with the submitted song bundle and the rights transferred from it.

WHAAAT either concludes a single-title publishing contract with all the authors involved or a label deal to work with the master-rights. The respective rights of the songs will be transferred to WHAAAT and will be offered to investors.

The funding target and start date of the campaign are set. Now fans and investors can invest in your songs and participate in the later success of this bundle.

The financing target is achieved. The funding amount (ded. the fee) will be paid out to you with the release of the songs. Now you can work with this budget. No strings attached!


Whaaat is a cool way to draw attention to your music. No matter whether you are a seasoned musician or just started! It gives you the opportunity to be heard. Since the music business is not easy for artists and you have to finance everything yourself, Whaaat has created a great idea to draw attention to your music!

Virginia Ernst


WHAAAT’s vision is to bring together the most talented musicians and authors in Europe with fans and private investors.
Everyone involved benefits from this WIN: WIN: WIN situation!

Mag. Lukas Rössler, MBA

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